Friday, January 2, 2009

Interesting Tales of Potty Training

As I spent the holiday at my parent's house, I noticed a focus on potty training. My nephew is strongly being urged to use the potty consistently, my daughter is starting the potty training routine, and my son was called in for his expertice and for a consultation/demonstration a few times for my the word potty was well over used.

One funny that I must share concerning the potty training was focused on my daughter. One mid-morning she had asked for a banana for snack. She loves bananas and being that she had had mostly chocolate based holiday snacks I decided to say sure. She unbelievable fast scarfed down the banana, and as I asked her if it was good she stated, "Yes, now I poopin'" To which, as a mother trying to enforce pottying, I reacted, "Hurry, lets go, lets go to the potty!!!" She was not up for it, but Mommy grabbed her up and placed on the pot anyhow.

After a few tinkle sounds, and a few long minutes I asked if she had finished her job. She stated that she had not popped but wanted DOWN!! NOW! So, I removed her from the pot and inspected. To my amazement she had completed the task successfully. So I thought, well maybe she does not understand what pooping in the potty means. To reinforce the potty training, I said LOOK!! You did poopy! There is poopy in this potty." To which Ms. Dramatic exclaims with her hands franticly shaking - "NO, NO, that GROSS, I no look at that! I NO LOOK AT THAT!! WE NOT TALK ABOUT THAT!!"

She may be more excited next time as she was then showered with gifts to reward that first poopy in the potty- no matter how gross it was to her to admit that she had completed the task.

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  1. Yay for Lolo! :) We are going to tackle potty training bootcamp, round 2 in a couple weeks. I hope we can get it done this time!