Saturday, January 31, 2009


Since I have not posted much lately I think I will play catchup.

Yesterday when I got home from work I had two packages of items that I had won on ebay. When I got around to opening them my daughter was very intently watching me to see what was contained in the packages.

As I opened the first package - which was two cute little purses to add to her collection - one tabby cat and one pink pig face - her eyes bugged out and she said, "OH! THIS IS FOR ME! THIS IS MY SURPRISE!!" To which...I thought, well ok, sure these are for you. But what does she mean surprise? Then without missing a beat she took them and thanked me. "Thank you Mommy! I get a surprise for being good - go potty!"

Man- I need to write down my list of things I promise to my kids. They are obviously remembering- but I am not. I had promised that since she had been doing good and had so many stickers that I would get her a surprise- last weekend! Atleast I subconciously came through and did not disappoint. :-)

Funny Girl...

Lauren is SUCH a FUNNY kid. She is like living in a comedy hour sometimes, really. To be two she comes up with the funniest things- and sometimes she is funny unintentionally. For example...last night Grant and I were in the living room and Will was still at work. She kept going down the hall and getting toys from her room or playing nicely in her room. She had been in the living room with us for awhile and then headed back down the hall. When she got back there she said, "HEY!!!" and came stomping back into the living room. She came into view and with a stern look on her face she questioned, "Who turned the DARK UP!" I cocked my head to the side and asked her what she had said. She repeated more firmly, "WHO TURNED THE DARK UP BACK THERE!" Point down the hallway. I realized that her bedroom light had not been turned on and as time had passed the darkness had increased and she now could not see in her room...or as she explained - someone turned the dark up.

Love getting the view from a two year old!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Material Girl?

My daughter is pretty rough and tumble, but for Christmas she got mostly girly things and it was cute to see her react in a girly way to her presents. For example she has carried the purses that she received throughout the holiday week and has been so excited to go shopping with her new purses - quickly tossing them into the back of the cart as her mommy does upon arrival at the store.

When opening Christmas present I could not help but enjoy the 'material girl' part of her personality. At my parent's house she opened a few gifts when she came to one from my sister, her aunt, that included a pair of shoes. She was SO excited! She grabbed them and started exclaiming, "MY NEW SHOES!" as she ran from person to person showing them to everyone and hugging on them.
She then opened a gift with my mother that was a piggy bank. She immediately knew what it was and when it was handed to her she shook it agressively and looked at her Gigi with a disappointed look. She then exclaimed, "Where's my MONEY?!?" To which my mother and I looked at each other and chuckled. She then proceeded to follow my mother through the house in a search for "her money." Once given the change she added it to her piggy bank and smiled, shaked the bank, and stated, "My Piggy Bank! I have Money!"

Think she will like to shop in the future?

Now if I can figure out how to put sound on my blog and I will play the Material Girl you read this.

Interesting Tales of Potty Training

As I spent the holiday at my parent's house, I noticed a focus on potty training. My nephew is strongly being urged to use the potty consistently, my daughter is starting the potty training routine, and my son was called in for his expertice and for a consultation/demonstration a few times for my the word potty was well over used.

One funny that I must share concerning the potty training was focused on my daughter. One mid-morning she had asked for a banana for snack. She loves bananas and being that she had had mostly chocolate based holiday snacks I decided to say sure. She unbelievable fast scarfed down the banana, and as I asked her if it was good she stated, "Yes, now I poopin'" To which, as a mother trying to enforce pottying, I reacted, "Hurry, lets go, lets go to the potty!!!" She was not up for it, but Mommy grabbed her up and placed on the pot anyhow.

After a few tinkle sounds, and a few long minutes I asked if she had finished her job. She stated that she had not popped but wanted DOWN!! NOW! So, I removed her from the pot and inspected. To my amazement she had completed the task successfully. So I thought, well maybe she does not understand what pooping in the potty means. To reinforce the potty training, I said LOOK!! You did poopy! There is poopy in this potty." To which Ms. Dramatic exclaims with her hands franticly shaking - "NO, NO, that GROSS, I no look at that! I NO LOOK AT THAT!! WE NOT TALK ABOUT THAT!!"

She may be more excited next time as she was then showered with gifts to reward that first poopy in the potty- no matter how gross it was to her to admit that she had completed the task.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well, I have always been told that I need to write down some of the things my son they are priceless, and continually flowing. I am not one to do it, as I think "Oh that one I will not forget." but I do...
So, I have decided to start posting some of them here, as they are priceless, comical, and need to be treasured and cherished somewhere so why not the internet right?

To start, my son has a bunk bed in his room that is twin on top, full on bottom. We have started having moving night in his room quite often with either myself or my husband, or both sitting on the bottom bunk - sometimes sleeping on the bottom bunk - while my insomniac son watches his movie of choice. So tonight being Christmas and my kids being hyped on cookies and candy - oh that brings me to a Laurenism, but I will refrain from getting off subject- anyhow, my husband and I hoping to get the kids settled in for the night suggested watching a movie that my son had received as a gift today. So we all pile into his room - including my daughter, whom tonight is determined to burn the midnight oil right along with her brother although normally our early to bed child. My husband, myself, and my daughter are all on the bottom bunk with my son on the top. After some debriefing from the 4 year old on exactly how to input the DVD - he must think we are completely incapable of doing anything without his direction-we are all settled into our spots. Que the previews - and the comments of "NO we can not skip it! NO, NO" being screamed from above..followed by "I am coming down there - I do not like this top bunk!!" After must protest...down he comes to join the already overly crowed bottom bunk. So much for utilizing the space of the bunk bed to its fullest...anyhow, all crowded in we watch the movie with the occasional push and shove we are chorused by, "Get off me - you are on my hand, foot." All followed by a repeat from the true mockingbird of a two year old. About thirty minutes into the movie I find myself pinned to the wall on my side with my husband sprawled in the fetal position at the foot of the bed, my daughter asleep at the edge of the bed, and my son next to me, still watching the movie.
(Ok to finally get to the Grantism)
My son rolls over, looks lovingly at me, hugs my neck, and then gently pats my face and cups my face in his hands and states, "I love you mommy. You're in charge." To which I give a puzzled face, and say I love you too. As I lay contemplating his remark, I look back at him and he is fast asleep..just mere seconds later.

SO...does this mean that I am only in charge during his sleeping hours!?!
sounds like it me! Sad but true, I feel he is right, and while I am galled at his statement, I can not help but to be amazed by how enlightening this one comment has been on the internal workings of my four-year-old's well as my household dynamic!

Just one of the first priceless moments to be reported from the Thrasher household...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cookies

We made Christmas cookies tonight at Ju Ju (Grandma's) house. Kids loved it. Grant was a MESS...literally! Covered in flour...he started a flour fight with Ju Ju and she faught times. Cookies are not the best...had a hard time keeping mine down...but the laughs and smiles was the main initiative here, or atleast it was once we realized that they tasted so bad!