Saturday, January 31, 2009


Since I have not posted much lately I think I will play catchup.

Yesterday when I got home from work I had two packages of items that I had won on ebay. When I got around to opening them my daughter was very intently watching me to see what was contained in the packages.

As I opened the first package - which was two cute little purses to add to her collection - one tabby cat and one pink pig face - her eyes bugged out and she said, "OH! THIS IS FOR ME! THIS IS MY SURPRISE!!" To which...I thought, well ok, sure these are for you. But what does she mean surprise? Then without missing a beat she took them and thanked me. "Thank you Mommy! I get a surprise for being good - go potty!"

Man- I need to write down my list of things I promise to my kids. They are obviously remembering- but I am not. I had promised that since she had been doing good and had so many stickers that I would get her a surprise- last weekend! Atleast I subconciously came through and did not disappoint. :-)

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  1. Don't worry, they will hold you accountable. :) I'm glad she's doing good with potty training. Jacob is better, but still won't do #2.